EQT Has Pre-Filed with FERC

It’s official.  EQT has initiated the pre-filing process for the Mountain Valley Pipeline with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).  FERC has assigned a docket number.  It is PF 15-3 — you can access the webpage (which includes the documents provided by EQT) for the pre-filing at http://elibrary.ferc.gov/idmws/docket_sheet.asp?docket=PF15-3&Subdocket=000.  Now that a docket number has been assigned, letters can be written.  We will be posting more detailed information on the best approach for sending letters to FERC in the upcoming days.  Stay tuned!

Contact Your Representatives!

It is not too late to contact your local, state, and federal representatives.  They need to hear from all of us.  Call and write to as many as possible. It is surprising how many of our elected representatives are either unaware of or uninformed about the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline project.  You can access information to help you write letters as well as relevant contact information at: http://preservethenrv.com/political-action/.  If you have written everyone, then email them; if you have emailed, call them.  If you see them walking down the street, stop and talk to them.  Don’t give up!  Don’t give in!  Don’t quit the fight!