Detailed GIS Maps of the Proposed MVP

mvproutePreserve the NRV is very lucky to have Dr. Stockton Maxwell on our team. He was able to obtain the GIS data from the Virginia Department of Conservation & Recreation (EQT, of course, never responded to his request for this data). He took the time to create a buffer of 150 feet on each side of the route as this is the planned right-of-way during the construction phase of the project. He used this data to map the entire 300+ mile route from Wetzel County, WV to Pittsylvania County, VA. More information and the data you need to review this very detailed map are located at:


MVP-stakeholderResidents with properties in the proposed route of the MVP are now receiving letters announcing their community open houses. The 1st four are in Virginia in December (Pittsylvania County – Dec 15th, Franklin County – Dec 16th, Roanoke County – Dec 17th, and Montgomery County – December 18th). The remaining open houses are in January beginning with Giles County on January 12th and moving into West Virginia immediately thereafter. You can access a copy of the letter with all of the dates for the open houses listed on our website at: