Are Natural Gas Compressor Stations Good Neighbors?

From Lundy Construction, July 16, 2012, Williamsport, PA Accessed 14 December 2014 We don’t think so!
Compressor Stations – The Good, the Bad, and the Very Ugly

By Wil and Angela Stanton
Preserve the New River Valley
December 16, 2014

Regardless of which county or the exact location within a county where a compressor station may be proposed to go, you need to know about natural gas compressor stations – the good, the bad, and the downright ugly – Read the Article


  1. astanton says

    On Wednesday night, two MVP reps told us that the Swann Compressor Station which was slated to be located near the Spring Hollow Reservoir (at MVP milepost 224) in Roanoke County would be moved but they could not tell us where — all they said was it would be moved somewhere +/- 20 miles. This morning Preserve the NRV received an email from a person who attended last night’s open house in Blacksburg. He was told by an MVP rep that the Swann station is now proposed for MVP milepost 205 — the rep stated that this was announced to them in company meeting just prior to the open house in Roanoke County on Wednesday night. This appears to put it very close to the Giles/Montgomery border. Based on the maps provided, it is difficult to tell if it will be now be located in Giles or Montgomery.

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