MVP Draft Resource Reports 2, 6 & 9

Mountain Valley Pipeline, LLC has filed the following Draft Resource Reports with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission: 2 – Water Use & Quality (you can access this at:, 6 – Geologic Resources (, and 9 – Air and Noise Quality (

The reports on Water Use & Quality and Geologic Resources are quite lengthy and we have not had the chance to review these thoroughly as we wanted to get them out to all of you as soon as possible.  A few things of note in our short review:

  • The draft resource reports are based solely on the proposed route.  There are no mentions as to the impacts on these areas for any of the stated alternative routes.
  • This is a quote from draft resource report 2: “As stated in draft Resource Report 1, Section 1.3.1, MVP proposes the use of a 125-foot-wide construction right-of-way, and the pipeline trench would be excavated to a depth of about 7 to 10 feet in most locations. The Project is not anticipated to have any impacts to groundwater resources or require additional mitigation measures. This is due to the surficial nature of the disturbance, the relatively short-term nature of the disturbance, and the depth to the aquifers which are mostly below any proposed disturbance area.”  We find this one impossible to believe.
  • From draft resource report 6 “Where unrippable subsurface rock is encountered, approved alternative methods of excavation will be explored including: rock trenching machines, rock saws, hydraulic rams, jack hammers, or blasting. The alternative method to be used will be dependent on the proximity to: structures, pipelines, wells, utilities, water resources, etc., and the capabilities of the alternative excavation method. Should blasting for ditch excavation be necessary, care will be taken to prevent damage to underground structures (e.g., cables, conduits, and pipelines) or to springs, water wells, or other water sources. Blasting mats or padding will be used as necessary to prevent the scattering of fly rock. All blasting will be conducted during daylight hours and will not begin until occupants of nearby buildings, stores, residences, places of business, and farms have been notified. Where competent bedrock occurs in the stream bed, blasting may be used to reduce bedrock so that the trench can be excavated. All blasting will be in accordance with the MVP Blasting Plan. Pre- and post- blasting structural surveys will be conducted structures and water supply wells within 150-feet of the blasting as necessary…If blasting is conducted within 150 feet of an active water well or spring, as necessary,MVP will implement measures to protect the water supply (see Resource Report 2). To ensure responsiveness to the concerns of affected landowners, MVP will evaluate landowner complaints or damage associated with blasting to wells, homes, or outbuildings. If damage is substantiated, MVP will negotiate a settlement with the landowner that may include repair or replacement.”  We hope you see that they will indeed use blasting, contrary to comments made in public meetings, and notice MVP MAY repair or replace what they damage — this does not say they WILL.
  • They provided NOTHING on the Swann Compressor station except to say that it will be “located in Montgomery County, Virginia may involve the installation of approximately 31,800 horsepower”. They still refuse to tell us the exact location.  This is a compressor station that is approximately 4.6 times larger than the average size of 6900 horsepower.  We have a right to know the details and to be informed before the end of the comment period.  Additionally, much of what should be included in this report is not here and, according to MVP, will “be included in Resource Report 9 with MVP’s application to FERC”. MVP’s lack of transparency is appalling.

MVP Representatives at Montgomery County Board of Supervisors – Tuesday, May 26th

Let’s pack the house at the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors meeting. This may be our last opportunity to hear directly from MVP representatives and we need them to see our complete and total opposition to the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The meeting begins at 7:15 p.m. (please arrive by 7 p.m. if you wish to sign-up to speak during the public comment period) and will be held at the Montgomery County Government Center located at 755 Roanoke Street in Christiansburg.

Please review the flyer (see below) put together on compressor stations by our friends at Preserve Montgomery County VA. The Swann compressor station, which according to the just released Draft Resource Report 9 filed by MVP will be “located in Montgomery County, Virginia may involve the installation of approximately 31,800 horsepower”. This is a compressor station that is approximately 4.6 times larger than the average size of 6900 horsepower.

We hope to see you at the meeting with your No Pipeline signs!

compressor station final final