Virginia Landowners Have Begun to Receive Certified Letters from MVP for Surveying

mvp_certified_letterLandowners along the original and alternate proposed MVP routes in Montgomery County and in Franklin County have begun to receive certified letters from MVP for surveying property (we have not received any news yet from Craig, Giles or Roanoke counties). Everyone needs to clearly understand what this means. Virginia Code Section 56-49.01 allows gas companies to survey your property provided they meet several conditions: they must send a certified letter with a request for permission to enter your property, the must include the date they propose to come on your property, and the request must be at least 15 days prior to the date of the proposed inspection.  We are not attorneys but it appears this letter meets the state code’s criteria for this (but we are checking with attorneys knowledgeable in this area to be sure this is the case).

You can deny this request by sending a certified letter back to the company. If you do so, the company is required by Virginia law to send you again, via certified mail, a notice of intent to enter your property. As with the original letter, the notice must provide a date of the intended survey of your property and this date must be no less than 15 days prior to the date they intend to survey your property.

More information about the particulars related to the company’s ability to survey was provided by Waldo & Lyle and can be found at: We strongly encourage you to read this so you understand your rights as well as what the company can and cannot do. Please share this information widely.

If you have been on the fence about attending the scoping meetings, we hope this will cause you to take action. FERC needs to see our presence and hear our very valid concerns about the impacts of the proposed MVP.