Seeking People to Walk in Blacksburg 4th of July Parade

Image by © Ariel Skelley/CORBIS

Image by © Ariel Skelley/CORBIS

Be a part of the Preserve Montgomery County Virginia (PMCVA) presence in the Blacksburg 4th of July parade!

Please take this opportunity to have some fun while you show your concern and your commitment!


  • 2 walkers to carry a banner (provided)
  • 7 walkers to carry a fairly lightweight plastic pipeline dragon with papier maché head (provided)
  • 2 walkers, each to carry a sword and shield (provided)
  • 8-12 walkers to carry lightweight signs (8 new signs will be provided; we also need No Pipeline yard signs, so bring yours if you have one)

That’s 19-23 people at a minimum—and we have commitments from 11 so far, so YOU are definitely needed!


  • Show up at the Blacksburg Presbyterian Church parking lot (use Hemlock Street) at 1:00 pm on Saturday, July 4. (Please report your commitment to do so to Elizabeth Struthers Malbon,, if you have not done so already.).
  • We will organize who is to carry what, then walk together with our gear to our lineup position on Eheart Street. If we are in place by 1:30, we will be judged—and we do have an awesome dragon!
  • The parade begins at 2:00 and travels about half a mile, from the old middle school site to VT mall.
  • If possible, wear something red or blue (to match the No Pipeline yard signs and buttons). If you have a button, wear it. If you have a yard sign, bring it. Bring your own bottle of water.
  • At least some walkers will need to continue to Christ Episcopal Church (behind the downtown post office) after the parade to drop off the dragon, signs, shields, and swords for later pickup.