The Impact of the MVP: One Citizen’s View

Judee Rauchle from Preserve Franklin was kind enough to allow us to share the presentation she made on Tuesday, March 17, 2015 to the Franklin County Board of Supervisors. We appreciate her letting us post her comments and the time she took in preparing this.

Good afternoon, Gentlemen. I thank you for allowing me to speak on behalf of Preserve Franklin. I’m Judith Rauchle…My husband and I have owned land and lived on Cahas Mountain Road for over a decade now. So far, the route for the pipeline does not go through our property, but this affects all of us in Franklin County. I’m concerned for all of us and for your children and grandchildren who will inherit the results of our decisions.

We citizens of Preserve Franklin have a multitude of very legitimate concerns…….not the least of which is that some would be forced to surrender property via eminent domain….but not constitutional eminent domain for the public use or good, but “Eminent Domain for Private Gain”….since it ultimately benefits only the private gas companies. And if we think otherwise, we’re being deceived. [Read more…]

Detailed Filing by EQT/NextEra to FERC

This is the most detailed document EQT/NextEra has provided to date about the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline project. It was posted by the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) this morning. It provides detailed maps, road crossings, locations and sizes of compressor stations along the route, details on construction, etc. Please read and share — it is 200+ pages. The more we know, the better prepared we are!

You can access it at: