It is Time to Contact FERC!

Now that a docket number has been assigned to the Mountain Valley Pipeline project, it is time to contact FERC with your concerns.  Information to help you with this has been posted to the site at:  You can also find this page under the Political Action tab on the menu.

Profit at Who’s Cost

Written by Ursula Halferty – citizen of Montgomery County and member of Preserve the NRV

I urge everyone you to stand up against EQT and NextEra Energy to let them know that we are not just straight line on a map.

The proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline is a slap in the face and a black eye for Giles, Roanoke, Montgomery and every other county it is proposed to run through. Since I am most familiar with this area, my comments come from this perspective but it is the same for any area where this proposed pipeline will run.

By running the pipeline along the AEP easements, they claim they don’t want to cut down any additional trees. Who are they kidding? These people would sell their mother’s souls if they could save a buck to make a profit. The pipeline easements may even end up running outside of the easements, taking away additional land from people.

They don’t care how many people’s lives will be ruined by running this proposed pipeline through forests, across farm land and through neighborhoods. National Forests, where the harm to the watershed, wildlife and woodlands in this pristine area can never be restored. Farmlands when livelihoods’ are taken away, there isn’t another job waiting around the corner. Even running through a densely populated neighborhood, leaving the constant threat of explosion and fire, where people depend on wells for their water and there isn’t even a fire hydrant.

The risk to public safety isn’t even a concern to them. If this is how arrogant and callous they are now, what can we expect from them when things go wrong? And things do go wrong, they always do. Case in point, EQT’s current Federal Indictment. (Roanoke Times, Oct. 7, 2014- Pa. firm facing charges over water pollution)

To them we are just a line on the map. But rather they need to know that the people who live here have made lifestyle choices, to be part of nature, conserve and preserve. 11 years ago, my husband and I spent two years scouting places all over the east coast until we found this beautiful place where we found like minded people, who care about the environment.

Let’s face it there is no freedom in America; if big corporations are allowed to bowl people over, to bring benefits to other parts the country, without regard to whom they step on; bringing energy to areas, where energy consumption is gluttonous, riding on the backs of people who are trying live green environmentally friendly ways.

I urge you to STOP this pipeline.