Pipeline Documentary Series

Lucid Media is creating a multi-part documentary series on our efforts to fight the Mountain Valley Pipeline project in an effort to raise public awareness and to call citizens to act in our fight.




Episode1ScreenGrabEpisode 1 – Awareness
Episode One features the burgeoning awareness of Montgomery County residents.



Episode 2 – What’s Wrong With This Picture?
Episode Two features Giles County residents in Clover Hollow.



Episode3ScreenGrab (1)

Episode 3 – Intervention
In this episode the citizens of the New River Valley attend meeting with legal experts to learn more about their rights.


Episode4ScreenGrab (1)

Episode 4 – Rally in the Valley
In this episode the Montgomery County Board of Supervisors and community 1200 strong, face off EQT Corporation and NextEra Energy.



Episode 5 – Mad as Hell
In this episode citizens learn much more and become pro-active with their fight.



Episode 6 – Open Houses
In this episode concerned citizens attend Open House meetings hosted by EQT designed to persuade the public that the pipeline is safe and an economic benefit to the communities through which it passes. Most attendees are not convinced!



Episode 7 – It’s Personal
This Episode is a profile of one resident of Preston Forest in Blacksburg Virginia, whom elegantly summarizes the entire dilemma our community and the entire U.S. is facing. It is a prefect telling tale of a global enterprise gone bad.


Episode8ScreengrabWeb1Episode 8 – Millenials

Episode 8 focuses on Fracktose Intolerent, a concert at the Sycamore Deli in Blacksburg, VA, designed as an awareness and call to action venue for the youth among us, who are inheriting the problems we’ve created.


Episode 9 – Community Veto

Episode 9 of Lucid Media’s Pipeline Documentary series profiles a rally held in Floyd, VA on Feb, 12, 2015 calling for Community Veto Power. Thanks to Lucid Media for artfully telling the story of all of us involved in the fight against the Mountain Valley Pipeline.


Episode 10 – Science

Episode 10 explores the science-based evidence that proves fossil fuel extraction is leading us into more negative climate changes and could result in catastrophic events.  It also highlights the many environmental and safety issues from installing a 42″ natural gas transmission pipeline such as the proposed MVP.



pipeline_11Episode 11 – Sacrificial Resource Zone

West Virginia has been plundered for its rich natural resources for over 150 years. This Episode explores what some of it’s citizens are concerned about and what they are doing about it.

episode12Episode 12 – Distressed

Profiles of deeply affected residents illustrate how just the threat of being in the path of Mountain Valley Pipeline feels like terrorist activity. They live in a constant state of distress, worried about their families and their homes.

episode13Episode 13 – Solidarity

Communities across the US are rising up against the abusive fossil fuel extraction industry. In this Episode we watch Montgomery and Giles County protest with informed speakers and music to raise the public awareness and a call to action.

Episode 14 –  episode14Scoping

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) organized community meeting to allow the public to express their views in three minute allotments. Unfortunately they only gave two weeks notice and only set up two events in Virginia. The FERC has a responsibility in their power position to allow the public to be heard. Therefore they must host these meeting in West Virginias and Virginia to allow citizens to have a voice regarding the Mountain Valley Pipeline. The burning question is, does this actually have an impact. Is anyone listening or is this just another form of entertainment to keep the public distracted.

episode15Episode 15 – Conservation

The New River Land Trust and local concerned citizens make efforts to collect data to prove the historical and cultural resources of this area must be preserved.

episode16Episode 16 – Winning a Round

A pivotal court ruling places an injunction against MVP preventing them from entering private land for the purpose of surveying.


episode17Episode 17 – Organic District

This Episode has one of the most positive stories, thus far, about one citizen who has made a difference in putting an obstacle in the path of the MVP. Forty-Seven farmers representing over 3500 acres of land in Monroe County West Virginia, declared themselves an Organic District in June and submitted affidavits to the FERC before their deadline. See what happened next.
episode18Episode 18 – Mussel Up

Craig County, VA has Mussel, that is the Spinymussel, a Federally endangered species. The county is 54% National Forest making it a regional hot spot for tourism. Concerns for disruption of the land, water, air quality, property values and cultural heritage are voiced. The Mountain Valley Pipeline, the FERC and the national energy policy, are challenged.


Episode 19 – Blued Trees

Blued Trees Symphony utilizes painted trees to aid property owners in keeping pipelines off their property. By copyrighting their painted trees, and increasing the value of their land, owners may deter a pipeline company from invoking eminent domain.


Episode 20 – Hands Across Our Land

Solidarity as expressed by a display of people power across 38 counties in 9 states.


episode21Episode 21 – A Special Place

A small town portrait. Mayor Rordam and citizens of Blacksburg, VA talk about the Mountain Valley Pipeline, it’s potential impacts and what makes this town in Appalachia a special place. Besides being home to Virginia Tech and some 35,000 students, they are facing the challenge of our time.

The production company, owned by Marino Colmano, an independent Producer, Director, Cinematographer, Still Photographer, and Writer has four decades of experience in film, video and multi-media.  Marino has produced numerous live action productions for Universal Pictures, MCA-TV, Warner Bros., Castle Rock, TriStar, MGM, DISNEY, and Twentieth Century Fox,  and is the recipient of 30 International Film Festival Awards, and two Telly Awards. Since relocating to Blacksburg from Los Angeles in 2009, Marino is still producing art photography, portfolios, website design and media creation.  For more about Lucid Media visit http://www.marinocolmano.com.

Thus far PIPELINE documentary has been funded in full by Marino and he has invested hundreds of hours of his time, not to mention equipment costs. Supporters of his efforts have now created a fundraising campaign to help defray the costs for Marino’s ongoing effort.  Please show your support for fighting these pipelines by making a donation for the documentary. Any contribution is greatly appreciated. Here is the link: http://www.gofundme.com/joc5u0

Statement by Lucid Media

When news of the proposed Mountain Valley Pipeline hit the NRV, there was no question in my mind what I could do to help. Documentary work has been my passion. I became aware of the dirty business of fracking some 5 years ago with the opening of the first Gasland documentary. It’s unfortunate that so many people have yet to see these important documentaries, Gasland and Gasland Part 2. We need to share this information far and wide.

It’s my hope that by creating these visual Episodes more people will get informed and motivated into action in our back yard and beyond. We need large numbers of people to come out to events, write letters and cross over into other communities to show support to stop all three pipelines. Virginia by virtue of location has been chosen as the interstate highway for fracked gas. We lie between our damaged neighbors where fracking is taking place and the pipelines headed to the East Coast. We are the link up to move this glut of fracked gas. Our opposition can make a difference, if we stop these pipelines we can stop the fracking.

While Big Energy makes big money harvesting the planet of its coal, oil and gas, and selling them off to the highest bidder, the land and people pay the price. We need to draw the line in the sand so they will put their money into wind, solar and other true renewables now, not tomorrow.